Protechn Laboratory a Russian firm, specializing in high technologies, is located in the Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad region. Wide cooperation with universities, research institutes and leading manufactures of the one of the biggest scientific centers of the world - St.Petersburg, as well as our own manufacturing facilities enable us to realise very demanding projects. We are ready to suggest design and manufacturing of a wide range of devices and components of fine mechanics.

Most of the items our customers need are so specialized that no off-the shelf product will meet their requirements. ProTechn top qualified stuff of engineers and scientists is able to solve the problems in the area of optical design practically of any level of difficulty. Big amount of research activity carried on by the stuff of the company enables to keep the hand on the pulse of the contemporary science and trace the most interesting tendencies in optical design. ProTechn is created on the basis of S.I.Vavilov State optical institute, therefore has saved and develops the best traditions several generations of Russian optician.

  • The most biggest acting park of diamond turning machines in Russia with diameter of workable parts up to 600mm
  • Optics from metals metal alloys, glass, quartz, germanium, poly- and single- crystalline silicon
  • Moulds, precision polymer optics, optical elements for LEDs
  • Deep-cooled optics for systems operating with 10-20 °K
  • Divices in visible and IR range
  • Optics for high power lasers
  • X-Ray optics
  • Fine michanics

ProTechn provides a full cycle of technologies necessary for realization of conventional complicated optical projects. Among these are:

  • grinding and polishing of optical glass and crystals,
  • diamond turning of optical materials,
  • manufacturing of fine mechanics,
  • hot molding of plastic optics,
  • optical coatings,
  • testing and certifying,
  • software design.
  • design of different types of cameras, starting with manual operated and ending with precision cameras for medical X-ray investigations;
  • design of a wide range of X-ray spectrometers;
  • manufacturing of precision X-ray multilayer mirrors and crystal supports

These services are provided by the experienced stuff able to realize not only routine operations, but also to adopt technology to the needs of the project and match it with design.

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